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Posted Aug 19 2014 on Facebook

Dear Mark Zuckerberg,

I enjoy Facebook because it allows me to keep in contact with my friends & family who are scattered around this Amazing Planet We all call Home.
You continue to annoy your Facebook following with your non opt-in options, your buying up WhatsApp & Instagram in an attempt to control/create a social media holding company, you bombards us with superfluous tripe (ads/feeds) that no one cares to see (Yes, We Like too much, but not to the social unrest of humans/animals that is plaguing us @ every turn) & Now you are making us download your separate Messenger app. You Suck once again…in making us do Shite that is Mandatory &/or are unaware of. The annoyance of your false sense of Omnipotence that bends you towards Greed & Control of All that is Social Media makes me wonder…Hmmm…Too Much…I’d say so!
Remember your Integrity of Being a True Geek! One who says, “Whoa! That’s Cool!” & “I gotta share that Pronto with me mates!” while holding on to a wee bit of hope towards affecting some Positive Global Effectiveness! You have have the Money & Influence to make it so! Do You want to leave a connective & beneficial path for you, your peers & your world?


Step To It and Do Something worth getting your name & your company behind…Positively! Just Sayin’!

Samantha Blanchette

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